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2018: Continuous Tedium

The thing about tedium is that, as long as you're willing to look for it, you can always find more. And in our fourth year, we've continued to find it in ways big and small. Among the topics we mined unexpected gold in: Mechanical keyboard switches, CD longboxes, 50-year-old viral videos, and forgotten cable channels. Oh, and we made a zine.

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A Television Mystery, Unfurled

An epic discovery. Andrew Egan stumbled upon something truly obscure when he discovered the tale of Genesis StoryTime, a cable network for which little information existed—certainly, no video of it. We thought, though, that we might have better luck. So Andrew and I did a bunch of digging, go so far as to make phone calls to museums, Christian broadcasting giants, and numerous other places, all in hopes of finding this channel. After finding one of the founders, we finally hit paydirt.

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