Privacy Policy

The standard legal stuff that comes with every website, specially written for Tedium's own needs.

Last updated: 01/01/2019

If you’re reading Tedium—whether through email, our RSS feed, or our website—you agree to certain things regarding how we use your data in running this newsletter.

Rather than just keeping those to ourselves, we have this page here to explain exactly what we’re doing as part of this interaction where you read our content and we write it for you. It may change from time to time, but ultimately the nuts and bolts will stay the same.

By using the site, you should know that we’ll be doing certain things to maintain the site and you’re agreeing to those. We promise we’re not doing anything bad or even out of the ordinary, but we have to write this because everyone else has one and we’re expected to have a page like this.

Information Collection And Use

While you’re using our site or subscribing to our email newsletter, there’s a good chance that we might ask you for some sort of personal information, including your name and email address. We ask for this with the goal of contacting you and sending you a newsletter. If you don’t want us to have this information, we recommend reading our site through other means, such as an RSS feed, through social media, or by directly visiting the URL.

Log Data

Tedium, like pretty much every other site on the internet, relies on the usage of data to understand its readers. And as a result, we use common platforms such as Google Analytics to track our reader interactions through the site, including how often you visit and what pages are read. This data is anonymized, and is only used to understand our audience.

Also, through our email provider Email Octopus, we receive certain information about who opens an email, how many times it’s opened, what items are clicked, and who subscribes and unsubscribes. This data is only used for the purpose of better understanding our audience’s interaction with the content and is not shared with other people. Your data is safe with us.


Tedium engages in third-party advertising through affiliate marketing platforms and partnerships with online retailers, and we receive revenue through these interactions. Such links are embedded inside of the content. Each issue of Tedium discloses this fact, per Federal Trade Commission regulations. (If you have any questions about this, ask us.)

Any data we receive from these interactions, if any, is anonymized, and is only given to us as part of standard business practices. We don’t know who bought what, nor do we want to know.

In the future, Tedium may begin to utilize banner advertising or rely on the usage of sponsored content, and our interactions with such content may include tracking interfaces similar to those used on other sites around the internet. If so used, these offerings will be clearly marked, and you will know what you’re getting into before you click the link.

Financial Transactions

In the future, Tedium may ask for donations through industry-standard platforms, using common fundraising tools. These tools may require the disclosure of your credit card number or other traditional payment method. We do not have access to this information, but ensure that it will be secured based on common internet standards.

If you would like a refund of your donation, please reach out to us directly through email within one month (30 days) of your donation. If done in a timely manner, we’ll gladly offer it, but we request you reach out to us first.


With your information, we will send out an email on a generally consistent schedule—in most cases, twice per week. While we may change the schedule from time to time, we will be sure to inform our readers of such changes ahead of time through social outlets and/or in prior issues of the email. Schedule changes come at the discretion of Tedium.

We will not contact you unless you’ve given us the OK to contact you. By signing up for the newsletter, however, you’ve given us the OK to contact you—and only in context of the newsletter.

From time to time, we may use your personal information to contact you personally for feedback about the newsletter and our content offerings. We may use a third-party service, such as Typeform, to acquire feedback. Such information will only be shared in an anonymized format, and we will inform you if we choose to share it in this fashion. Generally, this information will only be used for business purposes—to better understand how to improve the content.

If you send us something we would like to include in the newsletter, we’ll make sure to ask you first, because that seems like the right thing to do.

Finally, if you’d like to unsubscribe to the newsletter, definitely feel free to do so, and we’ll leave you alone. You may, however, get an email from us asking for feedback on your experience with Tedium. Any information used in this feedback form will be used to improve the newsletter and kept anonymous, and we may reach out with questions as necessary, if we so desire.


Tedium, like many sites, uses cookies to collect information about its users. These small files, which include anonymous unique identifiers, are sent to your browser from a web site and stored on your computer’s hard drive. They’re common, and we’re one of millions of sites that use them.

If you don’t want to use cookies in such a fashion, that’s fine—we totally get it. But just be aware that certain features of the website may not work as intended.


We really want to keep your personal information safe, but we’re realists. We know that no method of securing data over the internet is perfect. We’ll try our best through commercially acceptable means to protect your data, but we can’t guarantee its absolute security.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is effective as of January 1, 2019 and will remain in effect for the foreseeable future, though it’s likely changes will be necessary from time to time.

We reserve the right to update or change our Privacy Policy at any time and you should check this page periodically. Your continued use of this service constitutes that you both acknowledge and accept this Privacy Policy, even if it changes.

If we make any significant changes to this Privacy Policy, we will inform you in an issue of the newsletter, as well as with a significant notice on the website. Standard stuff. If you have any questions, please email us.