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2015: We Had To Start It Somewhere

The year was 2015. It was the year that Tedium got off the ground, an idea whose time had come. The newsletter, generally a list of links, needed a variant full of massive chunks of text, passages about long, boring topics. Or where they actually all that boring? Some highlights of the year include a retrospective on Mirsky's Worst of the Web, a treatise on ranch dressing, and a lot of complaining about rakes. And of course, that only scratches the surface. Read below to see how we got started.

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Brazil's Strangest Gaming Phenomenon

Why is the Sega Master System so successful in Brazil? More than three decades old, the SMS remained a popular part of the Brazillian gaming scene decades after the platform faded from view in other parts of the world, including Japan, Europe, and the United States. Our piece about the odd cultural quirk was one of the first pieces that Tedium syndicated with another outlet, in this case Atlas Obscura.

June 2015

Movember? Try Mojune

Bad album covers are the lowest level of digital currency one can find. Finding a photo and making fun of it? That's table stakes in the internet era. But digging into the stories behind all those photos is a little bit harder, and probably tells a more interesting story than the pictures themselves. Hence why I spent a little time digging into the history behind these memetic covers. I love Ken's 'stache.

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Started At The Bottom …

Where it all began. When I first formulated Tedium at the end of 2014, the working idea was a site called "Snoreworthy," in which I would find the longest possible blocks of boring prose and send them late at night as a sleep aid for people who needed it. The idea didn't turn out the way that I expected, but this line of thought did lead me to the name Tedium. These early pieces were a bit more round-uppy and shorter. A notable highlight is LOUD NOISES, which features a long section about numbers stations.