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Tedium has a new, fresher coat of paint, with a design intended to get you to dive in even deeper, if you so choose.

By Ernie Smith

Back in the day I used to do a yearly redesign. With Tedium, I’ve largely avoided that trap of doing one every year.

But it’s still good, every once in a while, to refresh things, whether the fonts or the whole dang thing. So, with that in mind, Tedium the website is now completely overhauled. (For those playing at home: v1 was just a newsletter, v2 was the original site, v3 was the move to Craft, and v4 is this.) Here’s a screenshot if you’d like.

Redesign screenshot

A few things worth looking for in this new design:

  1. A more functional interface. Everything is built with the goal of being useful for readers, including a refresh of the search page and a simpler, more consistent top interface designed for easy reading and scrolling.
  2. No more mystery meat navigation. As I’ve noted in the past, Tedium used mystery meat navigation intentionally, as a way to encourage others to click on things that they may not necessarily be familiar with. That has now been replaced with better explanations across the site.
  3. Improved search and discovery. Every time I update the site with a new article, a random piece will replace what’s up top, a design decision made to encourage discoverability. Additionally, the search page has been redesigned to be more user-friendly, and the tag page built around deep dives (here’s an example).
  4. No basic structural changes to the articles themselves. The fonts are the same, the fact boxes are the same. It’s just as readable as before, except with a cleaner design.

If you have any thoughts, insights, or questions, please feel free to reach out if you’d like. Cheers!

Ernie Smith

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Ernie Smith is the editor of Tedium, and an active internet snarker. Between his many internet side projects, he finds time to hang out with his wife Cat, who's funnier than he is.

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