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Tedium is a great spot for your ad campaign. As an email-driven content hub focused on turning noise into signal, we can offer:

  1. Open rates around 40 percent—and more than 8,000 dedicated readers, many of whom get all the way to the end of the articles.
  2. Focused subject matter that has a shelf life long beyond the issue's drop date.
  3. Copy directly relevant to your advertising needs—including (in case of an issue takeover) a related article that's a great fit.
  4. A bold, colorful design unlike anything else currently hitting your audience's inboxes.
  5. An alternative to marketing spam: If sending yet another transactional marketing email is going to drive your subscribers crazy, send them an issue of Tedium instead. It could let you say hello to your audience in a new way.

“He writes these long posts filled with details where he digs up old patent filings, or clippings from hundred-year-old newspapers, archival audio … He just goes so nuts—and I love it.”

— Alex Goldmark, supervising producer of NPR's Planet Money, describing that thing we do with Tedium.

Current Rates

Single Issue: We're currently accepting bookings for single issues for $50 per issue. These get picked up fast, so don't wait!

Multiple Issues: Wanna stick around a while? We also offer a monthlong sponsorship, at a price of $300 for a single month, or the equivalent of eight issues. It's like getting two issues free!

Issue Takeover: Want us to target our content in a certain issue so it matches up a little closer to your product line? That's absolutely possible, but please email for rates. Note: We do not offer guest posts, nor do we offer backlinks on existing posts.

Current bookings

  • February 15: Open
  • February 20: Taken
  • February 22: Taken
  • February 27: Open
  • March 1: Open
  • March 6: Open
  • March 8: Taken
  • March 13: Open
  • March 15: Taken
  • March 20: Taken
  • March 22: Open
  • March 27: Open
  • March 29: Open

Please email us to discuss possible sponsorship opportunities. We'd be happy to work something out!


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The cost, per issue, of an ad on Tedium. This ad will include an image, a short blurb describing your product, and a couple of links. Bulk rates for multiple issues are available as well. Email us with questions!

“Super fast shipment, A+++++ communication, 13/10 would recommend!”

— Man Bartlett, artist, featured in July 11’s issue.