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Learn more about potential sponsorship opportunities with Tedium.

Looking for a great place to spend your sponsorship dollars? Consider Tedium, which can offer you a variety of options to give your campaign a kick in the pants. With open rates of around 30 percent and around 12,000 dedicated subscribers, Tedium is a newsletter that hits an audience of readers who are curious, tech-focused, and interested in the way the world works. Read on for a few ideas of what that could look like:


The number of subscribers to Tedium, a newsletter whose content has been featured on such fine outlets as Digg, NPR’s Planet Money, and The Onion’s A.V. Club. (We’re also syndicated through such even finer outlets as Vice’s Motherboard, Atlas Obscura, and Neatorama.)




Newsletter Sponsorships

Tedium currently offers sponsorship options at per-issue, bi-monthly, and monthly (eight issue) rates, with three styles—text-only, short-form ad, and long-form ad. These sponsorships get published both in the Tedium newsletter and on its website, exposing them to thousands of additional readers who might stumble on the article while surfing the web.

Be sure to reach out with any additional questions and to learn how sponsorship could work for your organization.

(A quick note: Tedium is a solo project. Please set expectations accordingly.)

Tell your story

Maybe we can tell your story? While we’re not in the pure content marketing business at the moment, we have nothing against the idea, and would love to consider options given time and resources. Here’s our pitch, in case you’re curious.

What we are not interested in (or: please don’t email asking for a backlink)

I have severe ethical issues with the heavy use of backlinks for propping up sites in search engines, which tend to take away from sites that distribute quality content. As a result, I do not accept them in any way. To be more specific: WE DO NOT ACCEPT UNSOLICITED GUEST POSTS, WE DO NOT PUT UNSOLICITED BACKLINKS IN OUR CONTENT, and YOU CANNOT PAY US MONEY TO ADD A LINK FOR YOU.

If you want to appear on our website to promote your business please reach out for a newsletter sponsorship, so that we can support our product.

“He writes these long posts filled with details where he digs up old patent filings, or clippings from hundred-year-old newspapers, archival audio … He just goes so nuts—and I love it.”

— Alex Goldmark, supervising producer of NPR’s Planet Money, describing that thing we do with Tedium.

Have any questions? We’d be happy to field them! Send us any questions you might have about sponsorship opportunities. Thanks! (Also, like our banner ads? Reach out to our ad provider, Carbon Ads, to see about running a campaign.)