What The Heck Is Tedium, Anyway?

Let the viral kids have their hip viral content. Tedium’s taking another road.

Interesting stuff doesn’t necessarily have to go viral. In fact, it can actually be a little boring or dull on its face. Just because it’s not Upworthy doesn’t mean it’s not worthy. Maybe it’s simply not being consumed the right way. There’s still time to shift the balance before all those great stories are lost to history.

Hey, I’m Ernie Smith, journalist, onetime newspaper guy, blogger, and 2011 Shorty Award nominee. In another life, I built a neat little site called ShortFormBlog, that covered the news in blurbs, small bites, and layers of snark. It took the news to Tumblr, and as it turned out, people on Tumblr actually give a crap about the news. By the time I shut it down in late 2014, SFB had 160,000 followers … and I was totally burnt out.

Writing quips about whatever I saw on my news feed was a great recipe for staying relevant, but the only way to do it well rolling (mostly) solo is to always be on.

With Tedium, I’m flipping the script. Twice a week—Tuesday and Thursday evenings—I’m surfacing stories that maybe fell through the cracks of time, that offer a shade of the internet’s wormhole that maybe hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time. Keeping an eye on what’s current is way too limiting when there’s so much interesting stuff out there. The long tail goes back thousands of miles. Let’s see what’s at the end of it.

Oh yeah, this is a newsletter-first production. The website’s just for show.

So that’s what we’re about. Have any thoughts or concerns? Shoot me an email. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks.