Advertise with us

Tedium is a great spot for your ad campaign. As an email-driven content hub focused on turning noise into signal, we can offer:

  1. Open rates around 40 percent—and hundreds of dedicated readers who get all the way to the end of the articles.
  2. Focused subject matter that has a shelf life long beyond the issue's drop date.
  3. Copy directly relevant to your advertising needs—including a related article that's a great fit.
  4. A bold, colorful design unlike anything else currently hitting your audience's inboxes.
  5. An alternative to marketing spam: If sending yet another transactional marketing email is going to drive your subscribers crazy, send them an issue of Tedium instead. It could let you say hello to your audience in a new way.

Please email us to discuss possible sponsorship opportunities. We'd be happy to work something out!