Top Secret Area

So, hey, Ernie here. Most of the things I write on Tedium are meant for a broad audience. But this isn't. This link is blocked from search engines and is only being shared with you and a small handful of other people. You're on a super-special list because I admire your work and you appear influential or, at the very least, clever.

Tedium isn't the only newsletter I do. I also publish a second one called "Top Secret Tedium," in honor of my favorite Super Mario World level—the one where you can fill up on power-ups and get a fresh Yoshi.

This is a dead-simple newsletter, published on Sundays, that follows the Mario World concept; it's a quick power-up. It includes five or six links from me—a couple of my recent articles, as well as a few things from the edges of internet obscuro that would make cool starting points for a story, and maybe a useful tool or two to help you out. Credit me, don't credit me, but consider it my way of making your job easier as you attempt to feed the link beast.

Sign up below. All the usual Tedium rules apply (we don't share emails, no spam).

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May your internet be full of fun adventures. Hopefully, I can help you find a few. Thanks.

— Ernie @ Tedium