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Tedium Shorties

They're too short for 3,000-word stories, but too interesting to not write about at all. Meet Tedium’s shorties—the latest quick hits of news and weirdness from Tedium.

Enough to Pay for Itself?

A surprisingly novel video: A YouTuber explains, in detail, how much money he makes from his channel, in exact detail.

Geoworks Comeback

The '90s operating system PC/GEOS, a suite also known as GeoWorks that we wrote about in 2016, is being revived yet again as an open-source project. TechRepublic has the details.

Emoji Corrections


The number of emoji first included in SoftBank's SkyWalker service starting in 1997. According to Emojipedia, this icon set (which yes, includes the poop emoji) predates what was long believed to be the first emoji set, a series released by Docomo in 1999.

An Xbox in Disguise

“And frankly, having a Mac “Property of Microsoft” in a collection is still pretty fun.”

— Blogger Pierre Dandumont explains the story of the pre-release Xbox 360 development kit, which just so happened to be an Apple Power Mac G5.

Bloody Terrible Idea

We suck young blood: As it turns out, the FDA doesn't like it when startups try to claim that giving old people young people's blood is a good idea to help extend their lives. As TechCrunch notes, one firm that has been doing this, Ambrosia Medical, appears to be skirting some important rules—and they needed the call-out.

More Rare Than it Looks

Kelsey Lewin, a gaming historian and a co-owner of the West Coast gaming chain Pink Gorilla, explains why a Super Mario Bros. cart was sold for more than $100,000 recently.

Home Row Madness

“Unless someone else uses my keyboard, I rarely register that everyone else uses QWERTY.”

— Jon Porter, a reporter for The Verge, discussing what he's learned from a decade of typing in Dvorak, rather than QWERTY. Long story short: It works for him, but it probably won’t work for you.

This Explains A Lot

It turns out that if you dig far enough on the internet, you can still find a coincidence that still stuns you.

Matters of Size

There’s a significant clothing market for plus-size women, but not one for plus-size men—and that’s led to the existence of something a big-and-tall fashion blog called Chubstr calls the “fat tax.” The situation highlights some interesting economic questions.

Decaffeinated Comeback

"So many people still wanted it, and they didn't think they could get it anymore."

— June Rust, the cofounder of Eliza’s Quest Foods, the current manufacturers of Postum, discussing the low-key success of the revived brand with Industry Dive. Postum is a caffeine-free coffee substitute whose existence dates to the turn of the 20th century, with its invention credited to C.W. Post himself. However, it was taken off the market by Kraft around 2007.