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Tedium Shorties

They're too short for 3,000-word stories, but too interesting to not write about at all. Meet Tedium’s shorties—the latest quick hits of news and weirdness from Tedium.

Bad Copyright Alert

If you ever saw it, you would even say it's old.

Hidden Realms


The amount that 2018’s lowest-grossing film on BoxOfficeMojo, Realms, has made. That total is unlikely to increase.

Jailbroken? More Like Heartbroken

The end is nigh for jailbreaking: For more than a decade, a guy named Jay Freeman has been helping maintain a semblance of independence against Apple’s walled garden. But he appears to be losing his willingness to keep up the fight.

Weezer on SNL

“Weezer didn’t start until Scott Shriner got there.”

Matt Damon’s character in a wonderful SNL sketch about Weezer. via

Hands-Free Horrible: Inspired by something I saw online, I bought Phone Relief, an “As Seen On TV” product that turns any phone into a hands-free phone—so you don’t have to. Read More

Bizarro Mash: Around the time of “The Monster Mash,” another icon of horror was getting in on the music game—and John Zacherle had his own take on the graveyard smash. Read More

Otis Nixon, the CD-i, and Me: An improbably true story of a baseball star at his career peak pitching a 10-year-old on the unspeakably bad Philips CD-i at an Atlanta mall in 1992. Read More

We’re Making A Zine: If you’re a fan of Tedium in digital form, you should know that we’re going to create a physical form. But not just any physical form. Zine form. Read More

Symbiotic Infringement: Pondering the shutdown of a YouTube user who uploaded lots of John Oliver videos over a multi-year period—and probably made John Oliver more popular. Read More

Everything You Want: A theory about the inspiration for Verizon's name that Verizon probably doesn't want to admit, because then they'd have to pay Vertical Horizon royalties. Read More