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Weapon of mass dimensions: Michael Pick, a.k.a. The Casual Engineer, has developed a gigantic Nerf gun that’s 12 and a half feet long and weighs more than 200 pounds. It is an impressive way to deploy Nerf darts as needed. Is your mind blown? Yeah, so’s mine. Be sure to check out my story for Vice on his giant Nintendo Switch.

The Lone Coder: A letter of appreciation to the guy who spent years developing one of the few modern web browsers for vintage Macs. (via MidRange)

Chaos For Good 😈: Why Lil Nas X, in all his Satan-sneaker glory, represents a positive form of chaos in modern internet culture. (via MidRange)

Lock Up Your Phone 🔐: Why a marketing scheme by an obvious search-bait website actually has me sort of impressed by the brilliance of its growth hackery. (via MidRange)

I Hate Facebook Groups: Explaining why Facebook Groups are built so terribly that even The New York Times couldn’t wait to get rid of their incredibly popular group. (via MidRange)

A Culture of Overstimulation: With basically every culture option under the sun served on a platter, it can be tough to find novelty in any of it anymore. Perhaps a change in perception is the solution to that. (via MidRange)


The number of phone calls each resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, received on average in February, making them the “robocall capital of America,” according to CNN.

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